Saturday, February 18, 2017

Opinions are like belly buttons. We all have one but they don't count for much and a failed ex-politician's is no better than anyone else's

Those that know me well will be aware that while I have strong opinions I hope that they have been reached after serious thought, research and reflection. I hope that I am not too arrogant to assume that I am always right and I welcome hearing the thoughts and reasoning of others.

I know that Len Harvey is also a man of well reasoned opinions and the fact that we stand on opposite sides of this argument do not mean that either of us should be locked in a room, especially in a democratic country such as ours. Interestingly Rob Jollands and I are also on opposite sides of the Brexit debate yet apparently are united when it comes to thinking that Tony B Liar is neither morally nor ethically qualified to make the statements contained in his speech; fermenting revolution by asking people to "rise up" I din't think is helpful and accusing the electorate of not being intelligent enough to see through the lies of politicians is a bit rich coming from someone who took spin (or lying as most of us would define it) to new heights while in office.

I believe that everyone is entitled to have a say in what kind of Brexit they think is best. The problem appears to be that, informed or not, it appears that a majority of British people have voted for us to take back control of our boarders and refuse the principal of the free movement of people within the EU. This one single fact does have consequences. Once you choose to opt out of one of the four fundamental principles of the EU the ruling Brussels bureaucrats will automatically then seek to bar you from enjoying the privileges of the others (the free movement of goods (the free market), the free movement of capital (excluding the City of London's money markets) and the free movement of services (the European Union;'s custom's union).

This is where I think Mr B Liar's arguments are flawed. It is not Theresa May who is pushing for a hard Brexit or rushing us to a cliff edge but the aforementioned Brussels bureaucrats who will drive us there whether we want to go or not. Theresa May has set out in her speeches and in the white paper submitted to parliament her desire to negotiate access to the free market and the custom's union and to apply for passporting rights for the City of London to carry on trading. It is Brussels who seem implacable in refusing to allow us to take back control of our borders and will also try to force us to stay in the custom's union, which means that we cannot negotiate our own trade deals with other countries.

Now, as a poor boy from a cotton town in lancashire I like to think I have demonstrated that I hav some grasp of the consequences of Brexit and am still some what itate the Tony B Liar should imply that I am too uneducated to have made the decision I did. As I pointed out in the title of this piece Mr B Liar has his opinion of Brexit and of my decision, but like his belly button he should keep it to himself.

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